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Our diverse array of yoga classes are guided by experienced certified yoga experts from all walks of life. With a focus on small class sizes, our dedicated teachers pay individualized attention to each of you in a friendly and intimate environment.​

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Originally from Toronto, Joanne has always been very active since she was a kid. She believes that Yoga is more than practice, it is also a tool for empowerment, to connect our mind, body and surroundings from within. Combining values and methodologies from both the Yoga and Pilates worlds, she sees stressors and challenges as motivations of growth and betterment, which will make you stronger after all. In her class, you will find challenges, balance in your body; joy, release, and most importantly your energy refilled.


Kate first came across yoga in 2014. Yoga is something more than posture but philosophy ,concept, attitude, spirit and behavior. Yoga is her driver in life. Kate feels more confident than before while yoga is not about competition or comparison. Through yoga training, one will comprehend and listen to one’s body needs, honestly approaching one’s internal feelings, suitably through different posture exercise, with a view to appreciating our wonderful body changes. Integration of yoga into life will bring about perspective changes, enjoying every moment of happiness, anger, sorrow and pleasure.


Janet began her yoga journey in 2016, after years of suffering from abnormal abdominal pain during her monthly cycle and feeling lost in life. She hopes to help her students live their most confident lives through her yoga classes. Janet’s classes are fun, calming, and easy to follow. She aims at helping her students become more conscious of the connection between their mind and body, as well as their connection with nature. Janet has rich experience in guiding students of varying levels and body types. She can pin-point the misalignments in your body, and guide you to adjust through your own self-awareness. 


June was first step on mat since 2015. Practicing yoga helps June to ease her nervous system and bring her more balance not mentally but physically. Her teaching focuses on alignment with clear instructions. Different levels are provided to encourage different students to have step-by-step aim towards challenging poses. Yoga is a journey to observe ourselves and listen our body needs to improve our lifestyles. June mainly teaches vinyasa, yoga wheel, hatha, yin yoga and relaxing stretch. Her classes are fun and mostly light-hearted.


Denise first took her yoga class in the beginning of University, with more curiosity to explore the meaning of yoga, she first completed 200-hr RYTT at Anahata Yoga in 2015. She believes yoga is the practice of self love, awareness and striking a balance between daily activities. Previously working in a face-paced industry, yoga helps her slow down from the hectic lifestyle and most importantly the joy of being able to share her knowledge in class. Through asanas and breathing, you will find a moment to connect with yourself in class with Denise.

A cozy and well-equipped space designed for peace of mind. Calming environment to let you make yourself at home.

A diverse array of small-to-medium sized yoga classes guided by friendly and caring teachers. Suitable for beginners and experienced yogis seeking an authentic experience.

A variety of class packages to best suit your needs and habits. Membership and Yoga Pass are available for selection.

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