TRX Warrior​

A 45 minute full body workout using a TRX suspension trainer that works against your body weight.



All levels 所有程度

​TRX Fat Burner

This fat blasting circuit is designed to target multiple muscles per move with a metabolic fat loss element. It will improve your cardio performance and promotes after burn effect. 


All levels 所有程度

TRX Tone

This is programmed to total body tone up and improve agility, made effective by its repetition of movement to tone the adjoining muscles.


All levels 所有程度

BOSU Xtreme 

Strengthen your core muscles using the 3 dimensional half-ball fitness training device. Improve your balance, flexibility and strength in a 45 minutes training.


All levels 所有程度

H.I.I.T Sweat

A 30 minute intense full body weight training with minimal rest periods. This quick workout will give you an exciting range of strengthening, cardio and core exercises.





All levels 所有程度

Hardcore Abs

Strengthen and tone your core & abs in a 30 minutes full intense workout.


Beginners 初學 | All levels 所有程度


Fit Cycle

​KT Exclusive | 觀塘專享

Riders can synchronise their pedal to the music beat and develop strength, speed, power and endurance in a

45 minute workout.


Beginners 初學 | All levels 所有程度

Muay Thai

A high intensity class of punching, kicking and boxing drills on the heavy bags. 


All levels 所有程度

Circuit Blast

A circuit training that involves endurance, resistance, and aerobic exercises to improve your cardiovascular system



All levels 所有程度

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