200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

enrolment requirement, terms and conditions:


Interested students must be fully committed to the training, have a strong desire to learn and explore the deeper dimensions of yoga and are willing to be coached.


本課程由lead trainer 主理及管理並以單元型式進行,課程單元將分別由Lead Trainer 及 Assistant Trainer教授。

The program will be managed by the Lead Trainer in a modular structure, individual modules will be led by Lead Trainers and Assistant Trainers respectively. 




Students must understand that 100% attendance and punctuality is required. Otherwise, a request for leave is required. A medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner is required for taking sick leave. In any circumstances, students who have been absent for more than 30 hours will not be eligible to receive the certification of completion.



Please note that the payment is non-refundable and non-transferrable. 



No make-up class will be given for any absence. 


課程要求不同程度的身體需求。 學生應充分意識到受傷的風險,並同意為在培訓期間出現任何受傷承擔全部責任。

Students should acknowledge that the training requires different levels of physical demands. Students should be fully aware of the risk of injury and agree to assume full responsibility for all risk of injury arising out of or in connection with the training.





If a student initiates to defer his/her attendance before the commencement of the training, a 5% administrative charge of the tuition of the course is required. 

No rescheduling will be accepted after commencement of the training. No refund will be given. 

Administrative charges do not apply to medical conditions with the presentation of medical certificates issued by registered medical practitioners.

Any reschedule of training must be registered and completed within 1 year of your original training.


如果學員未通過培訓或評估,Fit Lab會酌情提供兩次免費重考機會,學員需按照Lead Trainer及Fit Lab的指定時間表參加重考,必須在培訓開始1年內完成。
In the event that you fail the training or assessments, you will be given the option to retake the assessment for free twice only and at a designated schedule agreed by the Lead Trainer and Fit Lab.



We reserve the rights to postpone the training date and time should unforeseen circumstances occur (e.g. COVID-19 safety measurements from the government etc).



If the course commencement date is postponed due to force majeure, e.g. the safety measures of COVID-19 by the government, and the student cannot attend the new schedule after studio reopening, the student is allowed to admit to a new schedule for one time only without additional charge. The reschedule is free only when we were informed before the start of the class.


FIT LAB 保留重新安排培訓日期的權利。

FIT LAB reserves the right to reschedule the dates of the training.



Photos and video may be taken, for marketing purposes.


如有任何爭議,FIT LAB保留最終決定權。

In case of dispute, the decision of FIT LAB is final.